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+ 0 - 1 | § Baggage

A cool thing about the internet is, getting a messege from someone who I used to have so much baggage associated with, and realizing it's just kind of not there anymore.

Seriously, the kind that's been around for a couple years, until you weren't really paying attention, you just sort of assumed it was there and it was probably best to ignore it.  And POOF, it's gone.

The internet makes it cool, because in person people tend to ask about the dumbass grin on one's face, and responding "I just realized you don't matter anymore" isn't the kind of thing that'll ever go over in any sort of good way.

It also helped having an opportunity to re-iterate to Crow a personal philosophy that kind of grew out of my high-school experience... That you're worthwhile, and people who think otherwise generally aren't.  I was trying to help him through a tricky period, but in retrospect it probably was a good idea for me to voice it out loud, just to make sure I remembered.

Also, when I walked in the door tonight, Nikki slapped my leg for not being the homeless person who had earlier scared her by asking to use our shower.  Yeah, put THAT one together.  Especially considering longtime readers will remember past experiences with unwashed transients.  None of this paragraph was related to the rest of the entry, but it was worth mentioning.  An interesting tie-in to a former life.

"I'm not asking for money, I'm asking for forgiveness.  Peace."


+ 0 - 1 | § Um...

The only thing that made me pause before posting this is the fact that my girlfriend, who I adore and whose opinion of me actually matters, reads this journal.  Still, she knew what she was getting into when she started dating me, and I censor myself for no wo/man.

If you ever do your business, look in the bowl afterward and think, "BullSHIT a man couldn't handle childbirth", it's time to change your diet.

Feel free to leave a note if you never want to read anything like that again.

+ 0 - 1 | § The picture in the header

Since the question was raised:

The picture that makes the header for this journal was taken during a road trip to Texas.  A bunch of friends of mine were going to this christian conference thing, and wanted me to tag along.  I sort of got thrown in at the last minute, and dropped off at a motel when we got there so I could do my own thing for a few days while they were away getting their Jesus on.

The foot belongs to Andy.  Andy's one of those people that I always felt understood me just a little better than everyone else who thought they did.  He wasn't particularly interested in trying to impress people, which was kind of rare among the people I knew at the time.  He also never tried to drag me kicking and screaming into the faith, which made him a singularity among the Christians I knew at the time.  Andy was one of those people that could be summed up by that phrase, "He's just... this guy, you know?"  Funny, entertaining, outgoing and all, but at the same time sort of struggling with a sense of self.  It was something I can relate to.

Anyway, I had a new camera on that trip, so of course I took a crapload of pictures.  A lot of them were goofy candid shots, but I got a couple that were absolute gold.  One was that picture of the highway reflected off a pair of sunglasses I bought at a gas station while in Sherman, Texas.  One was of Andy's leg up on the dash, and the road ahead, somewhere between Tucson and San Antonio.

I detailed the trip in an entry I wrote on the way back, sometime in May, 2003, I think.  A link, if you're interested.
My crazy trip

+ 1 - 0 | § No longer renegade

Went in for another interview at Octopi.  Last time they'd liked me, but had liked other applicants better.  Nothing wrong with that, Adam is a phenomenal coder, I'd have hired him over me too.  Still, I jumped like a gay dog through flaming hoops when I found out they had another opening, and had another interview today.  Since they'd already asked me all the questions last time, this was more of a portfolio, so I showed them my blinged-out pong and pacman, both written in Java, both solid, shiny and leet.  They asked a couple "We're working on this, how would you design the code, how would you approach it, what parts would you put on the client, what on the server" things, and I"d kind of had to think a lot of that through before, so I had solid answers.  Still, I was worried, because this whole "You're good, but spaces are limited, and that guy over there is better" tune I'd heard from a couple different places was getting old.  Like, Streisand old.

Got this in the email today.  It's paraphrased/madlibbed for pure entertainment purposes.

"Dear Shaggy-
 We would like to offer you a job at Octopi.  Your official title would be Codemonkey, and you'd have the following responsibilities.
    *Programmatic unleashing of fury
    *Execution of leetness

You will have a wage (sidenote, don't care.  I have a job!), and health insurance if you want (sidenote, kinda sick)
We'd like you to start immediately.

Woot to the max!