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+ 0 - 1 | § Perks of working for a Gaming studio

Some people get christmas cards from the company on christmas.
Others get sees candy, maybe a gift certificate.

We got gameboys.
Micros for most, DS's for the old-schoolers.

Woot! I got me a micro!

+ 0 - 1 | § Graduating

So, as of this past Friday the 16th, I'm a college graduate. BS in computer science (and I can!).

We got to put a 125 character messege in, that displayed against the giant movie-screen wall behind us as we were walking across the stage, for the thousands of people to see. Most were "I wanna thank god, and my parents, and my girlfriend!" type stuff. There was one that said, "What now?" and another that said, "A guy walked into an entropy bar. The bartender said, 'May I take your order?' "

I know, nerdiest joke ever. It's the college of SCIENCE, people. We actually laughed.

Mine? "One would assume I was thinking something profound right now. Really, it's 'Don't trip, don't trip...' "

I walked across, shook the dean-of-the-college's hand. I heard applause somewhere in the middle. "Wave to your fanclub" he grinned at me, and pointed. I stared somewhere off into the bright-as-hell-painful-light, toward the sound, squinted and waved. Then walked a little more, shook another guy's hand (dean of the department), sighed with relief (I didn't trip!) and stepped down.

Later, Billy told me that his mom said to watch out for low-flying fowl.
5 years later, she still remembers me as the nice young man who slid across the back of her van on a windshield visor and told her about the incident involving Fabio and a passing bird at magic mountain. That's kind of awesome.

The new apartment is hip. and pretty sizeable, and thank god, things are finally starting to calm down. And that pretty much brings us up to date.

+ 1 - 1 | § OMGWTFBBQ

5 minutes ago I received an email from Google.  They're scheduling interviews for the new Phoenix branch, and would like me to come in and "meet the teams."
Second time this has happened since I started at Octopi, first was a cellphone software firm in San Diego.

It's weird to get this popular once I already have a job.  I haven't even updated my resume to put "Octopi" on it.  I think they can just smell it.

Awe hell.  I'm torn.

+ 1 - 0 | § One of the problems is

I'm not as good company as I used to be.  Oplinger asked a question once, I think the answer became no.

+ 1 - 0 | § A mildly epic return

Wow, been gone too long. Um... Here's what's going on.

I'm moving on December 10th, across town into pretty nice apartments.

I'm graduating on December 16th from the University of Arizona, receiving a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science.

Typically, this would aid me in some sort of great and mighty job search.  However, I already have one.  I've been working at Octopi for just over a month now.  The people are awesome, the work is awesome, the products are awesome, the work is awesome.

Currently I'm writing tools for other devs to use with their games, but at some point I'll probably be on the big project, which you can observe in all it's (still under heavy development) glory over at

So... movin', workin', graduating.  And I'm thinking about getting an ipod.

Yeah, yeah, go ahead and judge.