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+ 0 - 1 | § The Trudge

"To trudge: the slow, weary, depressing yet determined walk of a man who has nothing left in life except the impulse to simply soldier on."

I'm not really sure how to describe it, but the weird thing about coding is that if you're happy and energetic, you can't get anything done. You have to hit a low point, find a quiet contentment in it, and that's where you really hit your stride. I think it's why I'm so well adapted to coding - I could get committed for saying this, and I swear to god I'm not going all emo on you or anything, but I think I'm at my best when I'm just a little low, it's where my personal flow lies. It's where I'm most used to feeling something, I guess, where I'm best suited to tap some sense of self.

And if you're ever in a development house, look around. Chances are, if you're not there on lunch hour, there are a lot of pairs of headphones on. We all have our own personal soundtracks, established melancholy rhythms for watching the world pass by, that get us in the zone.

Andrew is local scene music, indie (potentially fem) folk rock. Acoustic guitars and ironic lyrics. Pete's techno, I think he's a happier person these days, and Techno reminds him of a time where he was pretty miserable. I'm all over the map, but I can give you a pretty good playlist.

Zero 7 - "In the waiting line"
Blind Faith - "Can't find my way home"
Blind Melon - "No Rain"
"Summertime thing"
Lazlo Bane - "Superman"
Eels (I'm on a kick, bear with me)
Mighty Fine Blues
Electro-Shock Blues
Mr. E's Beautiful blues (Oh god, do ALL 3 have 'blues' in the title? I'm a cliche in a Douglas Coupland novel. Forgive me.)
Colin Hay - "Overkill"
Dave & Luke - "Fallen From Grace"

Waiting Line and Electroshock are the two faves of the moment- the cool thing about headphones is that nobody rails on you if you need to listen to a song 100 times in a day. I recommend them to anyone in search of groove.

I'm curious, what are your playlists? What helps you find your groove?

+ 0 - 1 | § Environmentalism

The other day, I drank a Sobe.  On my way to the recycle bin, I looked under the lid to see what the messege under the cap was.

"Live Green Or Die."

Offended at the threat, I threw it away instead.


+ 0 - 1 | § A day later

We hashed it out, it's all better now.

However, next person who responds to a fight I have with my girlfriend with "Well, at least you HAVE a girlfriend..."

I will end your life.

I mean it, I'll actually kill you.


+ 1 - 0 | § Honestly, too distracted to think of a title.

Kinda bitter.

Was almost over it until she said, "I haven't heard you apologize yet."


Right.  Because you having a bad day, then waiting for me to pick my goddamn nose so you can take it all out on me like I'm the source of all the evils of the world, that's so rare it must mean hell is freezing over.

Well, fuck off.  I haven't heard one from you either.