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+ 1 - 0 | § Betas are t3h leet.

Issuing as a public(semi) notice:

 My company is going private beta with our big game starting sometime within the next week.  If you'd like to get in on it, please leave a comment with your email address so I can add you to the list.

I don't want to mention it by name here, because it hasn't been publicized much, and google will chuck me into the top 10 results, eventually leading to my boss reading all about my wacky misadventures.  But it's a really fun game, think some sort of cross between D&D, magic, and battlechess.

 If comments are still screwed up (the spam filter was too aggressive about a week ago, I think I fixed it though) either drop a line in my LJ, or e mail me at the address callingshotgun (in the gmail domain).

Rock the hizzy. 


PS:  This being a private beta, I can only hand these accounts out to people I actually know.  However, if you read this, you're probably one of them.

+ 1 - 0 | § The Games.

Outside of the development room, in the hall next to the vending machine, is a Foosball table.

It's a tournament-style foosball table- the players are a harder form of plastic, and the ball is solid and heavy- If you hit it hard enough, even if someone blocks, the spin will sometimes cause it to bounce back a half inch, swerve wildly around, and continue forward into the goal. A successful block isn't necessarily a completed block.

And when you spray a touch of WD-40 on the bars, it feels like they glide back and forth all on their own, and you're not so much moving them with your own force, as directing them where to go on their own.

This is all background- the real point of this entry is to say that, months ago when a game was completed, the opposing sides would offer a post-game pound and say "Good Game." Not in the sullen/snotty way that grade-school soccer teams muttered it because their coaches made them, rather, genuine sportsmanship and recognition of opponent's skill.

We still do. Only, this being a game studio and all, nowadays we simply say "gg". And, every once in a while, the recipient of a sound thrashing will sigh and laugh, "pwned."

My job pwns.


+ 0 - 1 | § Updates.

I'd like you all to notice that there are no longer comments from "Anus" or "Earth" advertising any pharmaceuticals.

Woot, I say to you.  Woot.

Dave, I know the whole hyphen D makes-a-happy-face thing gets on your nerves, but I think it gets reset back to that every time I update the blog software.  Which I've been doing a lot of lately in order to get rid of all that goddamn spam.

 I've yet to find a way to do multiple subdomains cleanly with one codebase (utterly necessary if the playground blog, which is half the point here, is going to work) but when a solution presents itself, even if it's in the form of different blogging software, I'll be on it like a kitty on crack.  Assuming there's a clean way to port all the entries over.