07 21 05 267 W - + 112 - 110 Travel Ho!

By some staggering fluke of Saint Christopher (Patron saint of travellers, no longer recognized by the Catholic Church, ironically affirming his position) I'm travelling to Pittsburgh the weekend before "Saskatchawan".  Family Reunion.  I have that Friday off anyway, family's spotting for the trip.  Mom emailed me a list of people who'd be showing up, in case I'd be interested.  Perusing it, a smile crept across my mouth.  Madness.  My father's entire side of the family is somewhere between "Seinfeld" and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."  Half of them have Jersey accents, one of them yells "Dahling!" whenever she sees me.  My Uncle, a renowned bearer of wisdom and madness.  As in, the guy who taught me how to get out of potentially embarrassing situations by claiming to have wet myself, and made sense.


I dig it.  The trips are only a week a part, I wish they'd been stretched a little further so the monotony of the summer wouldn't have been quite so bad.  But they make sense together, in a way.  Family by blood, then family by choice.  Parents and cousins and aunts and uncles, and a week later, Zeke and Fork and Oz and that random chick I never slept with.  Back to back, like kung fu heroes or TV marathons.  But cooler.

I'm also going to see if I have time to sneak over to Philly for a cheesesteak, thus adding another item to my collection of foods I've eaten "There."


PS - WTF... Pittsburgh?

you know, i so was about to get upset that my name wasn’t in the mix until i read that line and about died laughing. today not a good day to laugh. it hurts to much but god bless you i needed it!
that random chick you never slept with () - 07 22 05 - 03:29

“That random chick” is Clara, actually. It’s a particular title she holds. Weird situation I managed to come out of with a free T-shirt. I never saw a definitive list of who was going to be there, I only knew Billy (‘cause he’s moving), Clara (‘cause I talk to her), and ForknSpork(‘cause they live there). But w00t, you’re coming too!
Alex () (URL) - 07 22 05 - 09:26

“Monotony of the summer,” ... hmm … hmm … I’m trying to think of a nice way of putting this…EIGHT MONTHS!
Zeke () - 07 22 05 - 11:17

Damn, I thought “that random chick” was me. :( Oh well.
Zeke () - 07 22 05 - 11:19

“I’m trying to think of a nice way of putting this…”
But… but you’re ZEKE.
Alex () - 07 22 05 - 13:50

So Clara is for sure coming? I haven’t heard from her yet to find out if she was going to be able to make it or not. Someone please call or email me to let me know if I need to be picking her up from an airport or anything!
Fork () - 07 23 05 - 15:42

fine then, i don’t feel at all specail and here i thought you had for once remembered me! figures. should have known better. whatever.
tea - 07 23 05 - 18:55

That’s why I didn’t think for too long. :)
Zeke () - 07 25 05 - 19:16

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